Creative Media Responses to Diasporic Writing – Partnership with Reading Migration Library (RML) Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) and SFUs Community Engagement Initative (CEI)

We are incredibly excited to announce that in partnership with Reading the Migration Library (led by cMAS post-doctoral fellow Lois Klassen) and Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) in Accra, Ghana, we will soon be embarking on an experimental project that will creatively circulate (or migrate) writing and art about diaspora.

New funding from SFU’s Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) will enable researchers and students from SFU’s School of Interactive Art and Technology (SIAT) to work alongside artists and writers from Ghana in a project that publicly circulates their work using innovative approaches to web-based and interactive technologies.


This project, which is being led by Gabriela Aceves-Sepúlveda, cMAS Director, and Lois Klassen, RML artist host and cMAS researcher, will take a research-creation approach in examining how issues of migration, displacement, and diaspora, can be considered alongside the possibilities for innovative publishing in online environments.

The involvement of SIAT students and cMAS, in partnership with LOATAD and Ghanaian writers, is expected to reach new online audiences. SFU’s CEI funding will enable exciting public events and online exchanges. Watch for more announcements about those events in the summer of 2021.

To learn more about the selected 2021 Ghanian artists visit RMLs Ghanaian Writing On Migration and Diaspora – Writers Announced