Amplified Listening to Race and Gender in Fiamma Montezemolo’s “Echo” and Stephanie Dinkins’s “N’TOO”

Excited to share a new article co-written with Lois Klassen on how the fabulous work of Stephanie Dinkins and Fiamma Montezemolo makes us reflect on what is heard when we hear women speaking inside artworks.

It is part of the new issue of Media-N Journal entitled “No Template: Art and the Technologies of Race” guest-edited by Megan Driscoll. Check out all the amazing articles that respond to “Beth Coleman and Wendy Hui Kyong Chun’s concept of ‘race and/as technology’ wherein race operates as techne, a prosthesis or skill that can be leveraged by or against individuals within systems of power. ‘No Template’ approaches this concept from the unique perspectives of art and visual culture, asking: How can artistic practice better elucidate the racialization of technology and the technologization of race?”(Driscoll, Introduction)

And don’t miss the still of Astria Suparak ‘s “Virtually Asian” (2021)  on the cover.