sono [soro]ridades @ Encuentro de redes sono-sororas / Tecnofeminisms from the South

Amanda Gutiérrez, Freya Zinovieff, Laura Balboa, and Gabriela Aceves presented their ongoing collaborations and the development of sono(soro)rities, as a theoretical and methodological framework to explore the affective and political dimensions of sound as part of the panel; “With one foot in Academia”.

The panel included presentations from various Latin American -based feminist collectives working to make the work of women and non-binary individuals in music, sound art, and sound research more visible. Presentation included:

“Resonancia Femenina (Chile),

Compositoras UNMP (Peru),

Sono-Soro[ridades] (Mexico),

Simposio Internacional Mujeres en la Música UCR (Costa Rica).

Thank you to Ana María Romano and everyone at:



Festival en Tiempo Real

Sonora -musica e feminismo