Sasha Kleinplatz


Sasha Kleinplatz is a contemporary dance choreographer living and working in Vancouver and Montreal. Since graduating from Concordia University she has developed and choreographed a total of 15 works involving some 40 interpreters and other artistic collaborators.  Sasha has shown her throughout Canada, and the United States.

Along with partner Andrew Tay, Sasha created the curatorial initiative Wants&Needs Danse.  Wants&Needs aims to broaden the audience for contemporary dance, to find innovative approaches and venues for presenting work, and to challenge choreographers to work outside their established practices.  Sasha and Andrew have created the performance series Piss in the Pool (an annual residency and performance in an empty indoor pool), Short&Sweet (a biannual choreographic challenge for 25 artists, with a new challenge for each edition), and Total Space Party (a curatorial initiative that asks artists to find ways to deal with difficult spaces).  Editions of these curatorial initiative have been presented in the Oakland, California,  Paris, and London.

In January 2017 Sasha was awarded the Dance WEB scholarship  (Impulstanz Festival- Vienna, Austria). In 2013 she participated in the Rencontres internationales de jeunes créateurs et critiques des arts de la scène professionnels (Festival TransAmériques -Montreal). She was also selected to become part of 8 Days, an Intergenerational annual meeting of dance artists from across Canada organized by the company Public Recordings. Sasha is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts with a focus on Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University.