IAT 222 – Interactive Art

This course guides students in reflecting upon issues relating to interactivity in the context of contemporary media art and towards making meaningful interventions within this field. It highlights examples of contemporary art from a wide variety of media to expose students to the wide range of techniques, issues and approaches evident in interactive art. Issues surrounding digital art will be explored through readings, the study of artworks in historical context and the creation of works of interactive art. Students are taught to negotiate ongoing debates and artistic frameworks, while developing their own approach to interactive art practice.

Students will explore their own creativity within an artistic context.  Various approaches to generating and refining innovative ideas will be used to guide students through the creation of original works of interactive art. These creative techniques can easily be applied to other forms of creative endeavour, and will help students refine their expressive potential regardless of their field.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

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