IAT 110 – Visual Communication

Course Description:

IAT110 will introduce non-SIAT majors to visual communication for art and design in digital media. This inquiry-based course will allow students to practice researching, writing and reflecting on a visual communication problem. Students will learn in a “studio style” lecture, where hands-on activities including sketching, journaling, and team discussions will be used to facilitate active engagement with the course ideas and approaches to acquire the fundamentals of analog and digital visual communication.

Students will be introduced to historical, political and technical dimensions of visual composition including the principles and elements of design applied to an image, a series of images and to image and text combinations. Seminal texts in new media theory will be central to discussions, assignments and lecture materials.

Notes: This is not a technically oriented or software training course, students will be expected to be highly motivated and self-sufficient in learning any necessary technical skills to complete the assignments. Students will be expected to use analog technics such as a pencil, a sketchbook, and image collaging tools. Digital tools required include access to a digital camera, laptop, tablet and open source applications.


Course-level educational goals:

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Course Materials

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