Gabriel Juliano

Ph.D. Student

Gabriel M. Juliano is a PhD student in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology, SFU. His interdisciplinary research interests navigate through media arts of high circulation and consumption as internet art, stream digital media and films, as well the relation between cultural industry and audience/consumers. He currently works at the University as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant.

Gabriel underwent his MA in the School for the Contemporary Arts, SFU, researching about the internet art movement vaporwave, looking at its aesthetics signs through process philosophy, anthropocene and remediation theories. His final paper connects vaporware to the contemporary high consumption standards and its ecological impacts on Earth.

He holds a bachelors degree in Product and Graphic Design from the Colleges of Campinas (FACAMP), Brazil, in which he developed design skills, abilities and knowledge in conjunction with strong foundation of art and design history. As a designer he has experience working at a communications office, press office, and a cosmetics start-up.