Re-Activating Mamá Pina’s Cookbook

[Re] Activating “Mama Pina’s Cookbook is an interactive web iteration of “Re-mediating Mama Pina’s Cookbook”. It engages with Eichhorn’s interest in understanding the role of women as agents of the archive in our digital era and proposes digital remediation as a strategy to reactivate forms of domestic writing that have been traditionally excluded from the archive. Specifically, it provides access to a family cookbook handwritten by three generations of women in Guadalajara, Mexico (1885–2014) in the form of digital scans and limited transcribed texts. The site also contains a web adaptation of my four-channel video art installation Remediating Mamá Pina’s Cookbook, which includes diverse creative responses to the cookbook. While the project provides some access to the source, it is not meant to be a complete and accessible database of the cookbook. Rather, it offers traces and fragments for new points of departure, alternative modes of human interpretation and engagement with the digital archive, while questioning understandings of who and what the agents of the digital archive are, as well as its limits, its insufficiencies, and its potential.

The project is published in Feminist Media Histories Journal special issue on Data edited by Miriam Posner and Lauren Klein (Summer 2017, vol. 3, no. 3) .