Last Monday, Feb 25 Jo Shin successfully defended her thesis  “Collective Wisdom”: Inquiring into Collective Homes as a Site for HCI Design at SFU Surrey Campus.

In this research, Jo engages with emergent  Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) scholarship that expands the traditional characterization of ‘the home’.  Jo’s thesis contributes to HCI studies of domestic environments through a four-month ethnography of three collective homes in Vancouver, Canada. Collective homes represent an alternative housing model that offers agency to individual members and the collective group by sharing values, resources, labour, space and memory. This research offers two contributions. First, an in-depth design ethnography of three collective homes, attending to the values, ownership models, practices, and everyday interactions observed in the ongoing making of these domestic settings. Second, an interpretation and synthesis of findings that provide new opportunities for expanding the way we conceptualize and design for ‘the home’ in HCI.

Thank you to Dr. Audrey Desjardins and Dr. William Odom for all their support on this process.

Next May, Jo will be presenting a paper based on this research at the prestigious ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Glasgow.

Congratulations Jo Shin! We wish you the best in your future adventures.