Dear all in MCL and cMAS, after our lab meeting yesterday we decided to start a list with some useful resources for all to share. To initiate this trend we decide to do a series of blog posts, but we are open to other ways of sharing this info.  Our first entry is on conferences and associations that may be of interest to all and that happen on a yearly or biennial basis.
The idea is to help you keep them in mind so we can prepare in advance to submit papers or panels. Also, please send us any suggestions to add to the list.


American Anthropological Association  (AAA) – Annual, November
2019-, Nov  20 -24 – Vancouver
CFP Deadline March, 2019

College of Arts Association Conference- Annual, February
Call For Paper Deadline Summer
2019-  February 23- 24 –  NYC
> I would recommend to also join the New Media Caucus
They publish a peer-reviewed journal, Media-N.

University Art Association of Canada – Annual, October-November
CFP Deadline January/ February
2019, October 24- 27 2019 – Quebec
They publish the journal RACAR

AHA American Historical Association – Annual
2019 – 3- 6 January, Chicago

Media Art Histories Conference – Annual – August- October
CFP Deadline Varies
2019, August  12-23 Denmark

Computer Art Congress: Computer Art and Media Education – Biennial
CFP  Deadline Varies

FEM meeting- Women in Art, Science, and Technology
Summer, Europe
CFP Open

Hemispheric Institute –Biennial
CFP Varies
2019,  Mexico City
They publish a journal and have tons of intiatives

SIGGRAPH – Annually
CFP  Deadline January
2019- August, LA

ISEA- Annually – June
CFP  Deadline Varies
2019-  June 22-28, Korea

ASLE Association for the Study of Literarture and the Environment
CFP Varies
2019 – June, UC Davies

WGRSF Women and Gender and Feminsit Reserch in Canada
CFP Open Jan 14, 2019
2019-  Humanites Congress, Vancouver

HASTAC conferences
CFP Varies
2019 – 16-18, May, Vancouver

LASA Latin American Studies Association – Annual- May, June
Deadline August
2019- Boston, 24-27

CALACS Candian Association of Latin American Studies- Annual – May, June
Deadline August
2019- Toronto