We are excited to be chairing the panel “ Alternative Beginnings: Towards an-Other history of immersive arts and technologies” at the CAA on Thursday, Feb 22 at 2:00 pm.

Sarah Shamash will be talking about how the Cine Kurumin Film Festival in Salvador, Brazil, provides a transformative and immersive space for decolonizing the imaginary.  Claudia Pederson will discuss the work of Uruguayan game designer and educator Gonzalo Frasca, and Cuban born Mexican based artist Ivan Abreu Ochoa as interventions that propose to rethink immersion beyond mimesis.  Deborah Faccion will revise Brazilian Avant-Garde’s Legacy of Exploring the Virtual through the work of Anna Maria Maiolino and Antonio Dias.  And using insights from media archaeology and decolonial theory, Matt Bernico will analyze the representation of immersive media in Adolfo Bioy Casares’ book The Invention of Morel.